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We are looking for more mature members that are 18+ years old. We only ask that you are respectful while in the guild and are active at least once a week.
Welcome fellow Rift Stalker!

Rift Stalkers is a guardian guild on the Harrow Shard.

We are a fast growing, highly progressing, competitive guild. In just a few weeks we started with 4 members and have grown substantially. Our members have many different personalities and skills. We pride ourselves on being able to bring peace to Telara even in the thick of chaos.

To be able to be called a Rift Stalker you must apply so we can see if you have what it takes to join our ranks. We will contact you as soon as your applications has been processed via in-game chat or mail for an interview.
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Rift Stalker, Mar 28, 11 9:43 PM.
If you are a new member we will be adding a new page for you. The new page will include details on what behavior is allowed in the guild and what we do not want to see. We will also have progression updates on how to progress in the guild.
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